The Parasites Control Craze Sparked By The Australian Prime Minister

By Reporter Amelia Thompson AUG 02, 2023
in The Sydney Morning Herald

Toto, the inseparable pet of the new Australian Prime Minister, also had a near-death experience due to external parasites in pets.
Toto, as the beloved pet of Australia's new Prime Minister, had gone into shock after ignoring an extracorporeal parasite. After emergency resuscitation, Toto was finally out of danger. After such a serious lesson, Prime Minister Anthony took Toto's extracorporeal parasite prevention very seriously. Over time, Anthony eventually chose to keep this PawsDefender™ deworming collar with Toto at all times.

All Started When Eva Discovered The Secret Of Natural Pest Control

The popularity of PawsDefender began with a key figure, Eva. During her tenure at the Australian Animal Protection Association, she noticed that the incidence of external parasites in animals in the Eucalyptus region was relatively low, which led her to suspect that eucalyptus might have deworming properties.

She sought assistance from the Australian Plant Research Institute to investigate the specific components of eucalyptus. To her surprise, eucalyptus leaves contain eucalyptol, which can repel 96% of insects, especially parasites that use animals as hosts.

Out of her love for animals, Eva longed to create a world with less parasite threats for animals. She organized a professional biotech institute to use special eucalyptol as the main ingredient and eventually developed PawsDefender.

Eucalyptol Naturally Repels Up To 30 Pests

Compared to other pest control products filled with chemical ingredients, PawsDefender's components are all derived from Dr. Eva's amazing discovery - Eucalyptus leaves. 
It's completely natural and harmlesspreventing adverse physiological reactions in pets, such as allergies or liver damage.

Eucalyptol - A natural parasites repellent that has a strong repellent, affects their behavior by interfering with their nervous system, preventing pests from moving or feeding normally.
Alpha-terpineol - Stop the spread of pest reproduction by interfering with the ability of in vitro parasites to grow and reproduce.
Alpha-pinene & Limonene  - These two ingredients emit odors that are difficult for in vitro parasites to tolerate, and these odors help inhibit pests from establishing parasiticsites on pets.

Through testing, they found that the active ingredient in PawsDefender was up to 10 times more effective at the same dosage compared to fipronil, the common active ingredient in most insecticide products. After a week of using PawsDefender, the density of insects was significantly reduced.

Innovative Approaches Lead To The Longest-lasting Protection

However, the high volatility of eucalyptol greatly reduces the effectiveness and duration of repellency and greatly wastes raw materials, which poses a challenge in developping the PawsDefender.

To tackle this problem, they developed a nanocapsulation technique using biodegradable polymers. This breakthrough traps the eucalyptus oil alcohol in tiny particles that allow for a slow release over an extended period of time. This greatly reduces the waste of eucalyptus alcohol and extends the sustainable use of eucalyptus alcohol to at least 6 months, during which you will no longer have to worry about your pet's parasites and specialize in troublesome deworming trips.

Ultra-long & Effective War Bug Weapon: PawsDefender

The powerful combination of Eucalyptol and nanocapsulation technology has led to the creation of this easy-to-use, long-lasting flea collar – PawsDefender.

√ Durable Protection: The warmth of the pet's body gradually releases the Eucalyptol from the collar, ensuring at least 6 months of continuous flea prevention.

√ Water-Resistant:Come with an IPX5 waterproof rating, so whether it's raining or swimming, it can prevent the active ingredients from being washed away in water.

√ Adjustable:Made of high-quality PVC material, its strong flexibility allows it to perfectly fit pets of any size; its adjustable design creates a custom-made collar for every pet.

Enhanced Deworming Time To Help You Save Money On Expensive Pet Deworming Expenses!

Compared with other types of in vitro deworming products, PawsDefender has a longer effective deworming time, and for the same deworming effect, PawsDefender costs the least amount of money over a six-month period, helping you avoid the hassle and extra expense of frequent regular deworming!

Why People Recognize PawsDefender?

"Look, I ain't the type to write reviews, but this worming collar is something else! My best bud Thunder, used to scratch himself raw because of all the bugs. And allergies? Don't even get me started. But ever since we got this collar, he's been as right as rain. All them bugs can buzz off! And he's not scratching himself no more. Plus, it's been five months and it still works like it did on day one! Couldn't be more chuffed!" 
—— Mike H.
Verified Buyer

"Absolute life-saver. My Jellybean had a real hard time with bugs and allergies. But this ring, it's like a magic charm or something. It keeps the bugs away, Jellybean's allergies are gone, and it's been working for more than five months. Plus, it's waterproof. Can't ask for more!" 
—— John M.
Verified Buyer

"Got this for my beagle Max. This collar is not only effective but also super practical! Fits him perfectly and repels a bunch of different bugs. Max was always prone to allergies, but since we got this, he's been doing so much better. So relieved."
—— Martin S.
Verified Buyer

How Much Does It Cost?

We've got news that's bittersweet for our PawsDefender devotees. The slight hitch - due to overwhelming demand, the stocks are dwindling much faster than anticipated. On the brighter side - propelled by the enthusiastic endorsement of PawsDefender, they are currently offering a substantial 70% discount along with a no-strings-attached, 30-day money-back guarantee.

This compact deworming ring, indispensable for your pet's well-being, could bolster their chances of leading a pest-free existence to a staggering 93%. Don't wait for a pest infestation to recognize its critical role!

At this record-low price, there's a strong possibility that stocks will be exhausted sooner than later. 'At this rate, it's an absolute bargain!' To instill customer confidence, PawsDefender stands behind its product with a 30-day money-back assurance, reflecting our unwavering faith in the product's quality.

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